Chłosta Beskidzka II

June 05, 2015

mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestMountainHala Miziowa
highestPoint1283 mnpm
visitedAlsoJastrzębica, Kotarnica, Hala Miziowa, Hala Cebulowa, Trzy Kopce, Hala Rysianka
startingPoint - finishPointŻywiec - Hala Rysianka, shelter
distance54.5 km
days Duration3

2nd Chłosta Beskidzka, but the first edition we participate in.

I posted a recommended path, but we won’t be able to reach Krawców Wierch, because we get lost at Bory Orawskie. We took asphalt to get to Ujsoły.

It was our first long trip. It was exhausting. Very exhausting, the last 4km was slowly dying.

But it was worth it, for sure.

And I will remember the name of my friend’s dog - Afron!

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