Chrobacza Łąka, my own path

July 29, 2015

mountainRangeLittle Beskids
highestMountainChrobacza Łąka
highestPoint828 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointKozy - Kozy
distance4 km

I have my way to reach Chrobacza Łąka fast, I’m able to reach the top in about 45min.

You need to use mapaturystyczna to do this. Be careful this is very dangerous at night (when you can have problems with seeing cliffs).

  1. Leave the car at Saint Mary Forest Chapel.
  2. Follow mapaturystyczna to reach the quarry.
  3. Visit quarry.
  4. There is a way to get on the 2nd level of the quarry (above the lake).
  5. Follow the path to get above the lake.
  6. Follow the path to the forest.
  7. Go up until you reach the pope path.
  8. Follow the pope path to reach the red path.

check map

created at May 04, 2020