Night at Przysłop

February 06, 2016

mountainRangeSilesian Beskids, Żywiec Beskids
highestMountainBarania Góra
highestPoint1220 mnpm
visitedAlsoBarania Góra, Magórka Wiślańska, Magórka Radziejowska, Glinne, Gawrast, Malinów, Biały Krzy, Grabowa, Kotarz, Hyrca, Beskidek, Siodło pod Klimczokiem, Szyndzielnia
startingPoint - finishPointBielsko, Dębowiec - Węgierska Górka
distance44.6 km
days Duration2

My trip started by bus to Bielsko-Białą at about 6 AM. I was starting at 8 AM whole trip. The plan was easy - get to the Przysłop shelter, sleep there and get up to see the sunrise.

I did complete it 100%. Getting to Przysłop was easier than I thought, even despite the big amount of snow on a track. On Kotarz I had dinner.

I was at the shelter at about 4 PM. I spend the rest of the day chilling.

You know what is the worst when you get up to see the sunrise and you are the only person inside the dark and you start thinking about what can eat you or capture (yes, you are thinking then if a UFO exists..).

I was not alone at the peak. Sunrise was awesome, then I follow the red path to Węgieska Górka, I use a train to get back to my home.

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