May 28, 2016

countryPoland, Czech
highestPoint1603 mnpm
visitedAlsoSzczernica, Sniezne Kotły
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/ak30
startingPoint - finishPointSzklarska Poreba - Karpacz
distance35.9 km
days Duration2

We left our cars in Karpacz (I don’t know exactly where because I was in shock after having a small car crush), then we take a small bus-taxi to Szklarska Poręba. The first day was easy, getting to Szczernica hall - but even this was a huge goal to achieve for my friends that don’t visit mountains very often.

After a nice night in the shelter (it was not nice, kidding, you guys get drunk and want to talk with a sober bob) we started the next part of the trip - getting to Sniezka.

It turns out that 25 km is too much, and we split into 2 groups after reaching Odrodzenie shelter. 4 of us use the possible fastest route to get to Karpacz and 4 of us decide to reach Sniezka. We did it!

Some of the photos thanks to Maciej Całka.

created at March 30, 2020