Chłosta Beskidzka III

June 03, 2016

mountainRangeGorce, Pieniny, Beskid Sądecki
highestPoint1283 mnpm
visitedAlsoDzwonkówka, Przechyba, Lubań, Jaworzyny Ochotnickie, Gorc, Przysłop, Sredniak
startingPoint - finishPointSzczawnica - Ostrowsko
distance57 km
days Duration3

3rd Chłosta Beskidzka, but second edition we participate in. This time Gorce and 57km.

We left our car in Szawnica and follow. After a group photo, we started hiking up. The first point was Przehyba. Schelter was open, so we even get coffee.

Then down to Krościenko, and long path on Lubań (I hate this mountain). Near the top of Luboń we make a sleep break (1-2h).

Then we went down to Ochotnica Dolna (hot-dog on a gas station was perfect). Then we start reaching Gorc - exhausting after kilometers we already did.

We cheat a bit near the top of Gorc, but we spare about half kilometer/20 min.

After all, we were able to reach Turbacz, after a few pain screams from Mateusz.

We spend a night in a tent (as far as I remember). Then we got down to Ostrowsko and take a bus back to Szczawnica.

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