GSB 2016 day 7/16

June 25, 2016

mountainRangeBeskid Sądecki
highestPoint1262 mnpm
visitedAlsoWielki Rogacz, Chata Kordowiec, Zadnie Góry, Pisana, hall, Łabowska, Hall, Runek, Czubakowska
startingPoint - finishPointPrzechyba, shelter - Jaworzyna Krynicka, shelter
distance39 km

Next long day after Gorce. This time, the highest mountains in Beskid Sądecki - Radziejowa.

In Rytro you can eat something and refill supplies.

I remember that in the area of Łabowska hall it starts raining and even storm, so I need to wait a bit.

Between Rytro and Łaboska Hall there is a private shelter with very nice food - Cyryl Shelter, I highly recommend this one for dinner.

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