GSB 2016 day 8/16

June 26, 2016

mountainRangeBeskid Sądecki, Beskid Niski
highestMountainJaworzyna Krynicka
highestPoint1114 mnpm
visitedAlsoDiabelski Kamień, Huzary, Kozie Żebro
startingPoint - finishPointJaworzyna Krynicka, shelter - Regietów, tent base
distance37.2 km

There is Devil Stone one the photo.

Krynica Zdrój is one of the best cities on the whole GBS, I love it.

You can fill your belly there with great restaurant food and rest near water fountains.

I was sleeping in tent base Regietów, even base captain offer me delicious Zucchini pancakes.

created at March 27, 2020