GSB 2016 day 13/16

July 01, 2016

mountainRangeBeskid Niski, Bieszczady
highestPoint1071 mnpm
visitedAlsoChryszczata, Pocak, Jawornem
startingPoint - finishPointKomańcza, shelter - Pod Honem, mountain hut
distance30.5 km

In Duszatyn there is/was a small restaurant near the path. I love pea soup and they have a very nice one.

Duszatyn’s Lakes are very pretty, is it easy to reach them even as a normal family.

After reaching the hun, I left my stuff and went to Cisna for dinner.

I was looking for bob these days, anything I found was one cigarette at the place where I was sleeping. I didn’t get a regular bed, instead of a place on an attic flor. So I smoke it, after 2 weeks of no-smoking (I promise myself not to smoke on a path and I did break my word).

created at March 28, 2020