GSB 2016 day 15/16

July 03, 2016

highestMountainKruhly Wierch, Połoninia Caryńskia
highestPoint1297 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointOW Smerek, Smerek - Kremenaros shelter, Ustrzyki Górne
distance17.9 km

The worst day ever. It was windy, rainy and I was not able to see more than 50m ahead.

So I made my goal as fast as possible - I even don’t have a photo from this day, I put one from GSB 2015.

In Chatka Puchatka I ate lunch. I think this shelter should not exist - I don’t know what people see in this place. It is awful.

I got a room in Kremenaros Shelter. I did spend the rest of the day in the dining room, then I heard this song. It is one of my life’s milestones song from that day.

created at March 28, 2020