Long trip to Komoniecki's Cave

March 04, 2017

mountainRangeLittle Beskids
highestMountainŁamana Skała
highestPoint915 mnpm
visitedAlsoKiczera, Chrobacza Łąka, Żar, Potrójna
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/ad5r
startingPoint - finishPointKozy - Las
distance34.7 km

To get more info how to get to Komoniecki’s Cave - please check this link

This was a long one that we started in Bielsko-Biała very early morning and we spend the whole day in the mountains. Very nice one and I was the first time in Komoniecki’s Cave.

From Las, we take a bus to Żywiec and from Żywiec we took a train to home.

created at March 21, 2020