When you don't look at distances when planing trip

April 02, 2017

mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestMountainTrzy Kopce
highestPoint1070 mnpm
visitedAlsoCzarny Groń, Błatnia, Szyndzielnia, Orłowa, Równica, Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/ad5f
startingPoint - finishPointBielsko, Dębowiec - Ustroń, Polana
distance43 km

That spouse to be a nice, quick trip, however, I didn’t check a distance and it ends as long and exhausting one.

Additionally, our train stuck, because a tree dropped on it. We need to call my friend to get us from Ustroń.

created at March 21, 2020