Chłosta Beskidzka V

June 08, 2018

countryPoland, Slovakia
mountainRangeZywiec Beskids
highestMountainWielka Rycerzowa
highestPoint1226 mnpm
visitedAlsoHala Boracza, Hala Redykalna, Muńcuł, Rycerzowa Wielka, Oszus, Bednarów Beskid, Jaworzyna
startingPoint - finishPointMilówka, PKP - Glinka, Centrum
distance52.6 km
days Duration2

This is the 5th edition of Chłosta Beskidzka, that in simple translation means Beskid Flogging.

This is original route of Chłosta Beskidzka V

We were not able to do it. Pitty.

We started Friday at about 7 PM. Reaching Hala Boracza from Milówka is not fun at all, a huge amount of asphalt and hilly. Reaching Hala Redykalna is easier after a quick refill on Boracza.

Next mountain is harder - Muńcuł - not funny at all.

A quick nap (actually 3 hours) on a Młada Hora with sheep.

Next is quite fast - Przegibek. Wielka Racza (highest mountain) was no easy task, check photos.

Then we start following the blue path, with hardcore Bednarów Beskid - this mountain rocks!

But then it started raining, even with thunders, so we made a couple of breaks - waiting for the storm to go away. We didn’t reach Oszus - we use mapaturystyczna and follow a forest path to avoid reaching the top.

We were very tired. We had an option - go on the end and sleep in a cold, wet tent or go home by a car that we left in Glinka.

After reaching Jaworzyna we started going down to Glinka by using mapaturystyczna (same as we did under Oszus).

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