Walking with Selleo 1

June 21, 2018

countryPoland, Czech
mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestPoint1070 mnpm
visitedAlsoTrzy Kopce, Barania Góra, Równica, Magórka Wiślańska, Orłowa, Smerkowiec, Malinowska Skała
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/a6ag
startingPoint - finishPointRównica, shelter - Bystra
distance43 km

What a nice trip, a long one! In the longest day in a year!

I’m not 100% sure about the exact path.

Part 1

I think that we used google maps to get to Malinka and then to Wisła Czarne

Part 2

I think that the most exhausting part was getting to Przysłop shelter. After this, everything was like ‘whatever’.

Naptime (from photo) was at Magórka Wiślańska.

Two of us decided to use ski lift from the top of Skrzyczne - because of an issue with knee.

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