Górowa, hall - night in a tent base

July 14, 2018

mountainRangeŻywiec Beskids
highestMountainMiziowa, hall
highestPoint1280 mnpm
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/rntf
startingPoint - finishPointKorbielów - Korbielów
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/Tf5CN9wU2xRsZbGp6
distance12.2 km

It takes a huge amount of time to get information in my memory about where this trip was.

I had a bad day and I have a free weekend, so I decide to spend a night in the mountains. I was never me in Górowa hall tent base. So I want to give it a try.

It was a nice time. I was reading books and chilling

created at March 15, 2020