GSS day 2/14

August 05, 2018

countryPoland, Czech
mountainRangeJizera Mountains, Karkonosze
highestMountainStóg Izerski, Shelter
highestPoint1501 mnpm
visitedAlsoStóg Izerski, Wysoki Kamień, Wysoka Kopa, Szczernica, Sniezne Kotły
startingPoint - finishPointStóg Izerski, Shelter - Odrodzenie, Shelter
distance38 km

Jizera Mountain was something new for me, odd mountains. Probably Wysoki Kamień is one of the most visited mountains in that range (there is a nice looking private shelter there, I was too early there, so it was closed).

In Szklarskarska Poręba I entered (Karkonosze)[].

The only difficulty is to reach Szernica, then it is easy.

I was sleeping in a tent that night near Odrodzenie shelter. I remember that night as one of the coldest.

More selfies!

created at March 12, 2020