GSS day 3/14

August 06, 2018

countryPoland, Czech
mountainRangeKarkonosze, Kotlina Jeleniogórska
highestMountainSpalona Staznica
highestPoint1430 mnpm
visitedAlsoSniezka, almost
startingPoint - finishPointOdrodzenie, Shelter - Bukowiec
distance34.2 km

Next day on a trail. After a cold night in a tent and breakfast in Dom Slaski shelter, I left Karkonosze behind.

I refiled supplies in Karpacz and I was going to Bukowiec, where I was hoping to get a night in a youth hostel. Sadly, they told me that they don’t have a place, and I can’t set up a tent in a hostel backyard.

They told me that there is an agritourism farm on a path to the next village, so I follow.

This was one of the best nights I had in the whole trip. Hosts were very hospitable, so I recommend this place with my whole heart - (Andrzejewski Bogdan. Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne)[]

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