GSS day 4/14

August 07, 2018

mountainRangeKotlina Jeleniogórska, Rudawy Janowickie, Brama Lubawska
highestMountainPod Ostrą Małą
highestPoint935 mnpm
visitedAlsoZadzierna, Świerczyna
startingPoint - finishPointBukowiec - Lubawka
distance26.1 km

Easy day, only 26km, additionally no hight mountains (biggest one was not even 1000).

Paprotki means ferns - and I’m a fern grower, that’s why I made a selfie with this sign.

From Ostra Mała there was a nice view of the nearby lake and horizon.

I reached my destiny city very fast. I was planning to sleep on a camping site, but I rang to the wrong house, asked for a night and I got a room instead of a place on grass.

I spend my night U Tadka

Lubawka was a very nice city, (time forget about this place), the rest of the day I spend on finding something to eat and refilling my supplies in Biedronka. Easy chill.

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