GSS day 5/14

August 08, 2018

mountainRangeBrama Lubawska, Góry Kamienne, Góry Stołowe, Góry Suche
highestPoint886 mnpm
visitedAlsoZiuty, Lesista Wielka
startingPoint - finishPointLubawka - Andrzejówka, shelter
distance31.2 km

I was passing Krzeszów - there is a big basylic there. It looks nice, but a restaurant in that complex sounds nicer. That makes me smile - when you walking long distances and you see an open restaurant in the morning.

With a full belly, I kept going.

There was a problem in a storm that was coming (and never comes). The Bukowiec approach was very fast, that’s why I hate this mountain, it was a very exhausting part of a day (you can see on selfies).

I need to tell something - Andrzejówka is number one in my shelter ranking. This shelter is just beautiful.

I spend a night in a tent, but I was enjoying every minute in this place.

created at March 13, 2020