GSS day 6,7/14

August 09, 2018

mountainRangeGóry Kamienne, Góry Wałbrzyskie, Góry Sowie, Góry Suche
highestMountainWielka Sowa
highestPoint1015 mnpm
visitedAlsoTurzyna, Jeleniec, Jedlińska Kopa, Włodarz, Moszna, Kozia Równia
startingPoint - finishPointAndrzejówka, shelter - Zygmuntówka, shelter
distance28.5 km

Wielka Sowa is a great mountain, I have a tattoo with Owl, that’s why I love it.

This was one of the worst days on a whole trip. I get caught by a big storm in the middle of nowhere (actually near Moszna). There was no place where I can hide so I squatted on my foam camping mat. When the weather got better I started walking. I was caught again near Przełęcz Sokola - I found some abandoned home and I was waiting about half-hour till the rain stopped. It was horrible and stupid.

That’s why after reaching Zygmuntówka, I spend there 2 days to dry out and rest.

created at March 14, 2020