GSS day 8/14

August 11, 2018

mountainRangeGóry Sowie, Góry Bardzkie, Obniżenie Noworudzkie, Obniżenie Ścinawki
highestPoint1015 mnpm
visitedAlsoMalinowa, Twierdza Srebrna Góra, Góra Wszystkich Swietych
startingPoint - finishPointZygmuntówka, shelter - Radków
distance28.5 km

I reached the highest mountain early in the morning (about 6 AM). Then the trail was easy, a bit long and full of asphalt.

I was passing by (Fort Srebrna Góra)[] but it was closed. In Wambierzyce there is a nice (Basilica)[,Wambierzyce].

Słupiec is a quite big city on a route, kebab was a great breakfast. Even some old man asked me if I’m following Orłowicz Path.

I was sleeping in Radków and this is a path I use to get from Wambierzyce to Radków and from Radków back on the trail. (check map)[] I lost during finding the right path and I ended up using google maps to get to Radków, unfortunately.

(Radków)[] is a very nice city with an old town. It is quite small, but they have nice regional food.

(Camping)[] was very nice.

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