GSS day 9/14

August 12, 2018

mountainRangeTable Mountains
highestMountainBłędne Skały
highestPoint843 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointRadków - Lewin Kłodzki, Lasek Miejski, Kalwaria
distance23.2 km

I started from Radków, so I need to reach the red path check map.

I saw a tiny piece of table mountains. I ate something in Kudowa Zdrój, send some postcards.

I found on the map that there should be camping in Lewin Kłodzki so I follow. In Lewin I asked some lady where I can find this camping, she said that is it was closed about 5 years ago…

I was looking for a single night somewhere. I found it in lovely resort Maria.

Again, I was not using the original red path and my back it was looking like this. So I made additional kilometers in comparison to the original red path.

created at March 14, 2020