GSS day 10/14

August 13, 2018

mountainRangeGóry Orlickie, Pogórze Orlickie, Góry Bystrzyckie
highestMountainKamień Rübartscha
highestPoint919 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointLewin Kłodzki, Lasek Miejski, Kalwaria - Jagodna, schelter
distance33.2 km

More selfies!

I was sleeping not near the red path, so I need to reach it - check map

Quick coffee in Duszniki Zdrój (I recommend visiting Muflon shelter there), then dinner in Orlica shelter (they have nice food).

For the rest of the day, the path was quite flat.

Jagodna was an awesome place, highly recommend!

I get a room there and met a guy that was also walking GSS.

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