GSS day 11/14

August 14, 2018

mountainRangeRów Górnej Nysy, Masyw Śnieżnika, Góry Bystrzyckie
highestMountainŚnieżnik, shelter
highestPoint1213 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointJagodna, schelter - Śnieżnik, shelter
distance31.8 km

I don’t recommend Igliczna shelter, it should have the name ‘Igliczna café’.

After a whole day of walking, I was dreaming about food that I will eat there. I was on a ketogenic diet, and there never was a problem with eating something in shelters - like eg. scumbled eggs. In Igliczna shelter you can order chips, open-faced toasted cheese sandwich or biscuits..

I filled my belly in Międzygórze. Reaching Śnieżnik was easy then.

created at March 15, 2020