Not even Klimczok, black path

May 01, 2019

mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestMountainSiodło pod Klimczokiem
highestPoint1042 mnpm
visitedAlsoKozia Górka
startingPoint - finishPointBielsko-Biała, Błonia - Bielsko-Biała, Błonia
distance19 km

Polish 3-day holidays, Majówka! 1st day in the mountains.

That’s how it ends when you have a long weekend and you don’t schedule any trip. You end up my making long trips in the area you know already.

This hike was fun because the main goal was to do as many kilometers as possible, but without driving long distances. However the trip was very good, I ate a big lunch on a Chata na Groniu and with a full belly, I kept walking. I was feeling so lazy, that I didn’t climb on a Klimczok, shame on me.

I left my car near the ATH.

created at March 03, 2020