Chłosta Beskidzka VI

June 07, 2019

mountainRangeGorce Mountains, Island Beskids
highestPoint1310 mnpm
visitedAlsoLubogosz, Ćwilin, Śnieżnica, Mogielica, Jasień, Kudłoń
startingPoint - finishPointMszana Dolna - Konina
distance62 km
days Duration3

This is the 6th edition of Chłosta Beskidzka, that in simple translation means Beskid Flogging.

We start Friday at 8 pm from Mszana Dolna. There are some photos from the very first hours, when we are climbing Lubogoszcz. Then we go down to Kasina Wielka. The next big mountain is Śnieżnica, then again we go down. We make a stop near some closed restaurant and then reach Ćwilin, brother of Śnieżnica. Then again we go down and when we are in Jurków, the sun starts rising. We decide that we will take a 2 hour nap on the top of Mogielica. Climbing to Mogielica is exhausting. However, we make it, now is a nap time.

After a short rest, we are going down again. We are passing very near Polana Wały - a tent student’s base. We reach Jesień. Morale in our crew is low. When we are in Rzeki two of us decide to quit.

So we leave them and we start last approach to Turbacz, originally 6th Chłosta Beskidzka finish was at Stare Wierchy, but we decide to sleep on Turbacz (we made this decision before starting). We did a half-hour nap between Rzeki and Turbacz. Funny is that no one passes us when we were taking this nap.

We are at the shelter at about 6 pm. Ready do eat something hot. After a magnificent night inside a tent, we need to go back to the car that we left in Konina. But this time it is only going down.

I think that was the hardest Chłosta ever. Probably we would be able to reach the end, but we would be there at about 9 pm. Not worth it.

This is original route of Chłosta Beskidzka

Yea, I know, photos are awful.

Probably I need to focus on writing in one tense. Sorry, I will try to improve it.

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