Not even Czantoria

September 15, 2019

countryPoland, Czech
mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestMountainChata Na Czantorii
highestPoint952 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointGoleszów - Goleszów
distance24 km

One of the best trips in 2019, it turns out that going from Goleszów to Czantoria was a very good idea. I left my car near the school and start hiking. First, there is a bunch of asphalt, additionally, we pass old ski jumping hill and even shooting range so don’t be worry if you hear such noises.

The weather this time was a very nice one. Clear sky and bright sun. However the path is quite long, so you can’t start it in the middle of the day, because it takes time to complete.

I skipped the summit of Czantoria, I was there so many times. So additional 30 minutes were not worth seeing it. A better view is from the Small Czantoria summit.

I highly recommend this trail, for most of the time, there were no people at all. On the summit, you can eat something in the restaurant.

created at March 01, 2020