Kilimanjaro - Intoduction

October 09, 2019

Here will be some info from about the whole trip to Kilimanjaro. From my perspective ofcourse.

I know, this post is chaotic.

That was not my idea, my friend asks me if we, for example, can reach the highest mountain in Africa and I said - ok. That’s it. I said to him, that he needs to participate with my GSS adventure at least for one day, he did it and that how we end up on Kilimanjaro.

Actually, that was my first big mountain, the previous record was Mała Wysoka about 2429 mnpm. I really don’t like big mountains, they are not in my type.

Don’t read about how many people died there on Kilimanjaro, that will make you only nervous.. I did read such an article and it was a mistake, really. However this is possible to die there, but a normal man/woman should be able to do this without problems. Additionally, now there is a possibility to be rescued by a helicopter, so no need to worry.



First, we need a flight ticket, we were searching for October flights because someone said that then there is a dry season in Tanzania. When searching for those flights you have 2 options:

The second options are cheaper, but there is a drawback - traveling from Dar es Salaam to Moshi is loooong, so there is the possibility that you will late for backlight, something will eat you in a meanwhile or soever. We decide to use the first option. Without stress and the whole day that we can spend on searching for travel agencies.

We did buy tickets from Fly Dubai, with a stopover in Dubai. The flight was from Cracow. It cost about 2600zł - about 655$ - round trip flight.

Path choose

There are a few paths that you can use to reach Kili. We, however, choose one of the longest to increase time for hight adaptation. Lemosho Route.

Travel agency

Yes, we thought that we will be searching for one after arrive. But 2 weeks before the flight we decided to book already someone. And I think that this is a good idea. Because in most cases such as travel agency book hotels and take care of transportation from the airport. We were searching for such agency on TripAdvisor and GoogleMaps. After email communication and compartment of some offers, we decide to take an offer from Step to Kili. It was a very good choice. They offer 7 day Lemosho Route trip, and we agree.


It is not necessary, to have any, however, I did spend about 2k polish złotys on them (about 500$). So now I’m immune to:


Do not read this scary articles that you will probably die due to malaria, it does not help. However, this is a serious one and you should be prepared for it. We did buy Malarone - this is modern medicine. We start to take it after reaching the summit (because many people say that the region around Kili is almost mosquito-free). However I’m not a doctor and you should not listen to me, how to take it. Additionally, we take Mugga 50% that contains this and in this concentration melt plastic… However, it is very effective.

So Malarone and Mugga were our friends.

Additonally we take

  • water purification tablets (no need they build water and it should be enough, however, if you are crazy about this point then you should probably take it)
  • some sweet bars (no need, you will be probably full all the time)

Let’s get with whole trip

I won’t be describing accommodation and trips other than a Kili hiking. Sorry, this is mountain journal.