Kilimanjaro day 2/7

October 11, 2019

highestPoint3505 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointMti Mkubwa Camp - Shira Camp 1
distance8 km

In the 6 am we hear something like this Sounds of Predator. It was not scary, because I didn’t remember a movie. I even thought that that was our porters, messing with us. However, that were monkeys.

Each day we start with coffee or tea, hot water was brought to us by our waiter, Yusuf, a nice guy. Each morning we get a water fillup, sometimes there was a bowl of water with soap.

This is a time to tell more about toilets. You can pay for your travel agency, to take private toilets. However, we decide not to take such. Public toilets in camps are just holes in a ground/wood. I’m a little troll, so this is not a problem for me.

We start very early after breakfast, an aura is still a bit wet. But we need to keep going.

We are leaving Rain Forest, pitty, I think it was the most beautiful area.

We enter ‘savannah of tall grasses, heather, and volcanic rock draped with lichen beards’. This description from the email of our travel agency describes this area is 100%.

Shira Camp 1 is in a very nice camp, there are nice views around it.

During the day the weather is a bit nicer. Plan for the rest of the day: lunch, dinner, sleep.

Photos thanks to Mateusz

created at February 27, 2020