Kilimanjaro day 3/7

October 12, 2019

highestMountainCathedral Point
highestPoint3872 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointShira Camp 1 - Shira Camp 2
distance7 km

There was an amazing morning, we did as many photos as we can and we start trekking.

We increase the number in our camp number. This was a time for acclimatization on a Cathedral Point, actually, Shira Camp 2 is 20m lower than a Cathedral Point, however, it counts.

From the Cathedral point, we start to see rain and fog. Nice two companions.

For the first time, we see people that resign due to altitude sickness, near Shira Camp 2 there was an old couple already in rescue car, waiting for transport down, pitty.

Eat, sleep, repeat.

Photos thanks to Mateusz

created at February 27, 2020