Kilimanjaro day 4/7

October 13, 2019

highestMountainLava Tower
highestPoint4600 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointShira Camp 2 - Barranco Camp
distance11 km

Big acclimatization challenge! However in bad weather. It is fog and little rain that makes everything wet.

We start from Shira 2 and our destination is a Lava Tower, tracking is longer than previous, little harder.

Lava Tower is a nice place, however, it was bad weather so even photos from there were awful.

On a Lava Tower, we consume lunch - yes, our crew set up a camp for us. Polish mothers will be proud of us, we ate only meat (chicken) and leave the rest. For the first time altitude gives us a kick.

We are going down to Barranco Camp 3900mnpm. Still raining.

Photos thanks to Mateusz

created at February 27, 2020