Kilimanjaro day 5/7

October 14, 2019

highestMountainBarranco Wall
highestPoint4200 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointBarranco Camp - Karanga Camp
distance6 km

During the night (it was very cold btw) I did use the toilet about 3 times.

To get from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp we need to defeat Barranco Wall, aka Breakfast Wall. It was hard because I didn’t have the power to eat breakfast.

Vomit day! Weee!

Yes, I did puke about 3 times during this attack, I don’t know if this was a food poison or altitude sickness. I felt awful. After reaching this f%*king wall we reach camp very easily.

Our guides make us a proposition to go to the last camp that day - they said that it is about 2 hours of walk. But I was not in a condition to do this. We refuse. After dinner, we make an acclimatization walk. I did take some electrolytes and Smecta (against diarrhea), I felt better.

Photos thanks to Mateusz

created at February 27, 2020