Kilimanjaro day 7/7

October 16, 2019

highestMountainKilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak
highestPoint5895 mnpm
startingPoint - finishPointBarafu Camp - Mweka Gate
distance27 km
startTime - endTime00:00 - 18:15

At 23:30 we awaken for last time on our trekking. We put as many layers of clothes as we can. We drink some warm drink, eat some biscuits and let’s go with this shit.

The weather is perfect, there are no clouds and even in the middle of the night, it is easy to see this big mountain.

We start trekking for the last time. We know that it will take us about 5-6 hours. It is cold, even in camp, there is about -5 degrees Celsius. With every hight temperature go lower. Then you start thinking: ‘Hmm, I had problems with hight heart pressure, it is cold, probably I won’t make it’.

I did start counting from 1 to 200 over and over to stop thinking about such things.

Watter starts to freeze inside our skin bags. Both my companions need to hide their trekking sticks because they felt cold in their hands. I start feeling disinesdizziness and without sticks, I will probably fall over. My friends give me advice about breathing. Then I start to making breath in and out on each step. I felt better.

This mountain was endless when we thought that this is the end, there was next. Additionally, I heard complains from my friend about cold, I was worried about him. However, it was not as tragic as I thought.

We reached Stella Point. Additional 45min ahead of us, but after our guide shows us our goal we felt better, it was not so far. We consume some carbohydrates and dring ginger tea and follow to Uhuru Peak.

By following breathing rules I was very slow. However.

We did it

We had a wonderful sunrise, awesome! We hit the highest Africa mountain.

It was about 6 am. There was a time for some photo and we start going down to camp. It takes some amount of time. We were about 9 am in a camp. Everyone gets a mango juice and we went for a short nap.

During going down from top to camp we decide together with guides to shorten our trip by one day. So we will be in a hotel the same day we reach a top.

So after fast nap and lunch, we start going down. Wt was a very long journey. Additionally one of my friends had a problem with knees, so he couldn’t go fast. Even my knees were overstretched. With a little help of rescue car (we call for it in the last camp we pass) we were at Mweka Gate at 6:15 pm. Then back to Moshi hotel.

created at February 28, 2020