Why I'm doing this

February 12, 2020

  • Maybe this is some kind of middle-age crisis?
  • Maybe I need someplace on the Internet that is mine only?
  • Maybe I need to gather somewhere all my trips and photos?
  • Maybe I want to tell you a story about the mountains?


I know only that I want something like this, so that’s why I started something like this.

You will probably ask why in English? (because I’m from Poland) I want to practice it and allow other non-polish people to read about Polish/Czech/Slovakia mountains.

I have a lot of data I need to gather here, it will be a long process. So please be patient. My oldest photos come probably from April 2015, so till you see the post from April 2015 I’m probably still not done.

Additionally, I will improve everything during this journey.

Who/What inspire me to do this?