Pilsko (from Glinne)

February 23, 2020

countryPoland, Slovakia
mountainRangeŻywiec Beskids
highestPoint1557 mnpm
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/rxek
startingPoint - finishPointGlinne, mountain pass - Glinne, mountain pass
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/g6TAZD6MxfCv26qh7
distance11.4 km
startTime - endTime9:00 - 13:00

Fast trip. I did start on a Glinne pass. I remember a time when this place was alive. It was before Polish borders opened due to Schengen regulations.

I left my car near a small shop that sells traditional polish cheeses.

I was checking a forecast and I had a little amount of time, till it starts raining, that’s why I decide to start from here and I think that is the fastest way to reach Pislko from my perspective.

I decide to follow the blue border path and it was a mistake because I lost it. It is not marked very well. Probably if not mapaturystyczna I would retreat. By using navigation I reached Góra Pięciu Kopców. There was a huge amount of snow on the top, so even there it was a problem to find the right path to the summit. So, if you are not familiar with Pilsko during winter, probably you should choose the black path and don’t follow the blue one. However, I think that without snow it will be easy to follow blue.

There is a photo of some strange wall with graffiti. About 1 year ago there was a fire of old shelter on Hala Miziowa. That’s what’s left.

created at February 23, 2020