Kotarz, Trzy Kopce, Równica

April 25, 2020

mountainRangeSilesian Beskids
highestPoint973 mnpm
visitedAlsoGrabowa, Orłowa, Smerkowiec, Równica, Trzy Kopce Wiślaśkie, Przełęcz Salmopolska
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/aazx
startingPoint - finishPointBrenna, church - Brenna, church
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/9qQAYQEyTQLqvq7m6
distance29 km
startTime - endTime8:35 - 17:00

I need to remember that this is a very bad idea to try to walk many kilometers when a person is on the 3rd day of Keto adaptation. It was very hard to even for me.

I was using it for the first time - a blue path from Berenna to Kotarz, and it was awesome. Not because of the amount of asphalt, but about Jaworowa Hall. This shit is awesome! You can check the photos.

I don’t know why I decided to take such a long walk. Sometimes I have stupid ideas.

The weather was also not so good, it was windy and cold.

My band counts 43578 steps - 1799kcal, this is awesome.

created at April 25, 2020