Sokolica, Trzy Korony, Czorsztyn Castle

May 09, 2020

highestMountainTrzy Korony
highestPoint942 mnpm
visitedAlsoSokolica, Czertezik, Czerteż, Burzana, Kosarzyska
startingPoint - finishPointKrościenko nad Dunajcem - Krościenko nad Dunajcem
distance13.1 km
startTime - endTime8:30 - 13:30

This time some very popular and recognizable places - Sokolica and Trzy Korony.

I had a very little experience with Pieniny, I was there once - at Wysoka ten base (and to be true, I didn’t reach Wysoka peak).

I need to say that these mountains were awesome, but the number of people near Trzy Korony peak was creepy because we have a pandemic now. There was a long queue to get to the top. We decide that is too dangerous to stay like this around all these people, so we skip it.

The whole path was not so hard, however, I’m still in keto-adaptation, so I had hard times.

There are also photos from Czorsztyn Castle, enjoy. Very nice castle.

created at May 09, 2020