Gorc and Zbludzkie Wierchy

May 10, 2020

highestPoint1228 mnpm
visitedAlsoZdzar, Gorc Kamienicki, Tokarka, Wierch Bystraniec, Bystra, Zbludzkie Wierchy
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/ale4
startingPoint - finishPointKamienica - Kamienica
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/Mqe7DjdQCao58uxy9
distance23.6 km
startTime - endTime9:00 - 16:00

Very long and easy trip into Gorce. The weather was great, and spring is wonderful in Poland!

We left a car in Kamienica and follow a red path to Zbludzkie Wierchy, when we went down to Szczawa (they have 2 church!).

Then a long walk by asphalt and we reached Gorc - there is an observation tower on top of it, but there were too many people there. After reaching Gorc we decide to take a bike path down to Zasadne and Wierch Młynne pass. It is easy to get there using mapaturystyczna.pl . After reaching the pass we took a forest path through Żdżar and Bystra. Our goal was to reach the blue path, and we made it. Then we follow the blue path back to Kamienica.

created at May 11, 2020