Muńcuł, early spring

May 17, 2020

mountainRangeŻywiec Beskids
highestPoint1165 mnpm
visitedAlsoKręcichłosty, Młada Chora, Kotarz mountain pass, Hutyrów
startingPoint - finishPointRajcza - Rajcza
distance22.1 km

I hate this neverending mountain. This trip was nice, however. I used path through Kręcichłosty to get to Ujsoły.

I walk down to Ujsoły I found a big polish pickle glass jar. I took it down and throw it to the bin at the bus stop.

The next nice thing - I met a woodpecker and even it was so visible that I took many photos of it.

There were also first tries of using a tripod. I’m not photogenic. There is a hall on the top of Muńcuł and whole was spread with winding caterpillar, quite disgusting.

created at May 17, 2020