Chełm and Mioduszyna

June 06, 2020

mountainRangeŻywiec Beskids, Beskid Makowski, Pasma Pewelsko-Krzeczowskie
highestPoint638 mnpm
visitedAlsoLipska Góra, Zmijowa, Starowidz, Mioduszyna, Chełm
startingPoint - finishPointSucha Beskidzka - Sucha Beskidzka
distance36.3 km
startTime - endTime10:30 - 19:40

The map that I posted is not a correct one, because I did skip Zmijowa and Głuszkowa - I did take a shorter path using asphalt - I was worry that I didn’t have enough time to finish the whole trip till night.

This whole trip was quite long, I was not expecting to get this amount of kilometers. What was more strange - I met a small about of people, and this was not a hard or ugly place. Weather was great and vision was perfect, I don’t know, maybe Babia.

created at June 07, 2020