Leskowiec, loop

July 19, 2020

mountainRangeBeskid Mały
highestMountainLeskowiec, shelter
highestPoint890 mnpm
visitedAlsoIłowiec, Łysa Góra, Żar, Kapral
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/x6gw
startingPoint - finishPointGorzeń Górny - Gorzeń Górny
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/XqQnT2Pa753LTGks5
distance24.1 km

I did leave a car near by Centrum Kultury Jaroszowice-Zbywaczówka - they have nice, big parking.

My goal was to visit Bliźniaki, two mountains that are near Łysa Góra and make bigger loop. I did abandon this idea and took shorter route.

I think that this path is worth taking because of Kamień. This is a nice place in Beskid Mały, actually Kamień translates into stone. And this is a think that you will get by reaching this mountain. A big rock.

Leskowiec is also nice place, if you like polish pope it is excellent place for you to visit.

created at July 31, 2020