Velký Polom

August 23, 2020

countryCzech Republic
mountainRangeMoravian-Silesian Beskids
highestMountainVelký Polom
highestPoint1067 mnpm
visitedAlsoMalá Kykula, Kozubová, Babí Vrch, Kamenitý, Slavíč, Lačnov, Kozí Hřbety, Čuboňov, Muřinkový vrch, Skalka
startingPoint - finishPointBocanovice, les - Bocanovice, les
distance33.6 km

Man this was a trip!

Czech people at Sunday are staying home. Where was very few people on a route. Most of the people were in Restaurants (because you can’t say about them as a polish shelters - they are private and you can’t eat your own food there).

There was wonderful weather - a little rain in the morning and brisk air after.

I think that the most interesting think is a nature park at the top of Velký Polom. There are like many old and death trees there. It looks fantastic and scary.

The bridge in Bocanovice was closed (they probably preparing new one), so we need to took additional 2km to reach our car.

created at August 26, 2020