Veľký Rozsutec

September 05, 2020

mountainRangeMalá Fatra
highestMountainVeľký Rozsutec
highestPoint1609 mnpm
visitedAlsoMaly Rozsutec
startingPoint - finishPointBiely Potok - Biely Potok
distance13.3 km

Łoo, this was a nice trip. First of all if you are a beginner, please don’t take this path. There are like chains and dangerous ladders. But this path was a mess.

There were like so many entertainment than I was feeling exhausted after all. I had like perfect weather. But there were also plenty of other people on a path.

Yes, on a photo thumbnail there is a Small (Maly) Rozsutec.

I think it will be better to take this path in reversed way.

created at September 06, 2020