Veľká lúka

September 06, 2020

mountainRangeMalá Fatra
highestMountainVeľká lúka
highestPoint1476 mnpm
visitedAlsoOstré, Horná lúka, Veterné, Vidlica, Krížava, Zázriva
startingPoint - finishPointMartin, Stráne - Bystrička
distance25.1 km

There was a quite rainy in the morning, but after noon it was better (less rainy more sunny).

I did start from Martin City Center, and it was not a good idea, additional 8km with asphalt was not good at all.

Hint for you guys, if you want to check Zázriva, better to not do this if there was raining at the same day. There is like a small stream from Krížava to Zázriva, and after rain it gets worst.

The yellow path at the begging is very easy, you can take some shortcuts to make it faster.

created at September 07, 2020