Kľak (Vielka Fatra)

September 08, 2020

mountainRangeVielka Fatra
highestPoint1394 mnpm
visitedAlsoSvrckim, Vyšná Lipova, Jarabiná
route mapa-turystyczna.pl/route/5vil
startingPoint - finishPointSklabinský Podzámok - Sklabiňa
parkingCoords goo.gl/maps/YuFofWLp2DVGC72a9
distance26.5 km

This was a very long day, Klak is very nice mountains with wonderful view, but reaching it is a mess.

I think that if there will be raining it is not possible to reach it, there is very steep climb at the very and.

And I saw a bear, I mean a small one. It was like 20m in front of me. It was crossing a street, very near village. Unfortunately, it was more scared then me, so after seeing me it run away very fast. I did runaway also from this place, I was afraid, that it mother can be near.

created at September 09, 2020