Pasma Pewelsko-Krzeczowskie

November 14, 2020

mountainRangeŻywiec Beskids, Pasma Pewelsko-Krzeczowskie
highestPoint766 mnpm
visitedAlsoSzyndzielnia, Trzy Kopce, Stefanka, Kołowrót
startingPoint - finishPointBystra Slaska - Bystra Slaska
distance6.7 km

That was an awesome day! Almost without any soul in Saturday! Nice!

Route that is in link is only a piece of whole.

  1. I did start in Pewel Mała
  2. I did follow to Rychwałdek and then I follow Szkolna street
  3. At the end of Szkolna I turned right into Barutka street.
  4. I did follow it to the end and then follow up with path that follows through Barytka (622) mountain.
  5. I follow path forward and I did reach Ostry Groń (there is a cross at the top and big telecommunications tower)
  6. I passed them and follow down to Pewel Slemienska (with Wiosenna street)
  7. I then took 2nd route on right (Wilcza) to reach Ubocz
  8. When I follow yellow path as in mapaturystyczna link, back to Mutne
  9. Then I used shortcut to reach main street and follow back to Pawel Mala going parallel to rails

created at November 22, 2020